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Bridges in Mathematics: Getting Started Workshop

Bridges in Mathematics: Getting Started Workshop
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Our summer workshop brings our workshop leaders to your district. They work face-to-face with your classroom teachers, stepping them through unpacking the curriculum components and exploring math practices in the contexts of the models and strategies

These workshops are packed with information, pedagogy, and hands-on activities. Teachers explore resources, dive into Number Corner, and do math that resembles a Bridges classroom. (Maximum of 30 participants in each session. Multiple sessions can be scheduled.)

Bridges in Mathematics: Getting Started Workshops are scheduled either by grade-level bands, such as K–2 and 3–5, or are grade specific.

Fees vary and are discounted based upon the number of Bridges classroom packages a district/school purchases.


For more information, please email us at MLCworkshops@mathlearningcenter.org.

  • Gain a rich experience and understanding of Bridges components and structure.
  • Investigate daily schedules and yearly pacing.
  • Explore ways to organize classrooms and materials.
  • Experience and understand the CCSS Content Standards for Mathematical Practices.
  • Discover a wealth of online resources.
  • Learn ways to use Bridges materials to meet the diverse needs of all your students.
  • Understand the assessment opportunities Bridges provides.


Typically two days (consecutive days, 12 hours total). One-day workshops can also be scheduled depending on the size of district/school and the number of professional development days a district/school has available.


Intended Audience

Mainly classroom teachers. Support staff, coaches, and administrators may also attend as space allows.

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