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Bridges Grade 2 Completer Kit

  • SKU:  2B2SUP
  • $200.00
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When combined with the materials from a Bridges grade level package, Completer Kits provide enough additional quantities of selected items to enable educators to create the equivalent of 30 individual Student Kits.

Note that these materials support most, but not all, lessons and for certain items, some of the resulting Student Kits will have cardstock instead of plastic materials.

  • Clear spinner overlays, set of 15
  • Number dice collection, 15 sets of 6
  • Colored tiles (cardstock), qty 400
  • Measuring tapes, 5 sets of 3
  • Pattern blocks (cardstock), 9 sets of 250
  • Large base ten areas pieces (cardstock), 14 sets
  • Number Cards, 15 decks
  • Coins (cardstock), 20 sheets of 58 pieces
  • Unifix cubes, qty 1,000
  • Plastic twist ties, 30 sets of 15
  • 8x8 Ziplock bag, qty 30

Master Materials List for Bridges Grade 2 View or Copy to your Google Drive