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Effective Coaching for Bridges Implementation Online Course

Effective Coaching for Bridges Implementation Online Course
  • $250.00
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This 12-week online course (1 session every 2 weeks) is offered in both fall and winter. It is designed to support math coaches and instructional leaders working to increase student achievement and teacher content knowledge during a Bridges in Mathematics implementation. Participants read, reflect, and respond to prompts every two weeks.

NOTE: This course is intended for math coaches and lead teachers only. Prior experience with Bridges is recommended for successful completion of this course.

For more information, please call 1-800-575-8130 or email Ana Butler.

 This course will help you:

  • Reflect on the qualities and behaviors of a successful math coach
  • Set goals for the work of a math coach
  • Consider how to support teachers in a variety of settings
  • Examine the role of administration and making plans for collaboration
  • Identify specific district needs and determining next steps for implementation

This 12-week online course consists of the following 6 sessions. Each session, participats read, reflect, and respond to prompts. 

  • Session 1  Reflecting on the Role of Coach in the Mathematics Classroom
  • Session 2  Supporting Teachers in a Group Setting
  • Session 3  Collaborating with Administrators
  • Session 4  One-to-One Collaboration & Model Lessons
  • Session 5  Examining Teacher Practice
  • Session 6  Looking Ahead

Download course syllabus

Winter 2018 Session

  • January 22–April 16
  • Classes are every other week
  • Limited registrations
  • Registration has ended. This session is full.

Use this information to help you determine if this course is a good match for you:


Is this the right course for me?

This course is intended for math coaches. If you are a math coach at a school or district that has adopted Bridges in Mathematics, you’ve found the right match. If you are not a coach, please understand that course requirements include activities normally performed by coaches, and you will have to make accommodations to meet those requirements. Read on for more details.


How much time do I need to successfully complete this course?

A new session is introduced every two weeks. During that session, you will read from two required books (Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success and Mathematics Coaching Handbook), post/read/respond in the forums, and complete some on-the-job assignments. For example, during the course you will need to:
  • Conduct two grade-level team meetings using the Bridges Implementation Guide
  • Meet with an administrator to discuss goals
  • Meet with a teacher to develop a coaching plan
  • Model a lesson for a teacher
If these kinds of activities are not possible in the context of your current job, you may want to reconsider the class.


How familiar should I be with Bridges before registering for this course?

By registering for this course, we assume you have some knowledge of Bridges. We recommend taking this course after completing a Bridges in Mathematics: Getting Started Workshop. This course focuses on how coaches can help to move forward with implementation rather than on providing a deep understanding of Bridges content.


I’m not familiar with Bridges in Mathematics but I am a math coach. Is this course a good fit for me?

No, Effective Coaching for Bridges Implementation is intended for coaches with Bridges experience.


How can I get more information about this course?

Download and carefully read the course syllabus. If you still have questions, please contact Ana Butler at anab@mathlearningcenter.org.