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Working with Highly Capable Students

Working with Highly Capable Students
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This course is full. It will be offered again in fall 2019. 

This 12-week online course (1 session every 2 weeks) offers support to classroom teachers, gifted/talented specialists, and instructional coaches (who work with teachers in classrooms) to provide appropriate challenge and depth for highly capable students during a Bridges in Mathematics 2nd Edition implementation. Course assignments coincide with Bridges instruction in your school or classroom.

This course begins January 14 and ends April 7, 2019. During these 12 weeks, participants will have 2 weeks to complete each session. If all course requirements are met, a letter of completion for 30 contact hours may be provided. This course does not offer college credit.

Register early as space is limited. Registration ends either on January 10, 2019 or when this course is full.

For more information, please call 1-800-575-8130 or email Ana Butler.

Download syllabus

This course will help you:

  • Reflect on the needs and characteristics of gifted/highly capable mathematics learners
  • Examine and implement the opportunities in Bridges and Number Corner for depth and challenge
  • Identify opportunities for differentiation through parallel tasks and open questions
  • Develop skill in pressing for deeper understanding through rich discourse
  • Engage students in the 9th Standard for Mathematical Practice through innovation and creativity

Course Requirements

  • You currently work with gifted and talented students as part of your job.
  • You have access to Bridges in Mathematics 2nd Edition materials.
  • You can access the Bridges Educator Site.


Required Readings

  • "Using the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics with Gifted and Advanced Learners" by Susan Johnsen and Linda Sheffield. Available for purchase here.
  • "Good Questions: Great Ways to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction in the Standards-Based Classroom" by Marian Small. Available for purchase here.

Each session, participants read, reflect, and respond to prompts. This course consists of the following 6 sessions. 

  • Session 1  Reflecting on Current Research and Your Program for GT/HC Students
  • Session 2  Providing Challenge and Extension in Bridges Units of Study
  • Session 3  Differentiating with Work Places and Parallel Tasks
  • Session 4  Differentiating with Number Corner and Key Questions
  • Session 5  Assessing for Depth and Creativity
  • Session 6  Equity, Mindset & the Gifted Child

Download syllabus

Is this the right course for me?
This course is intended for classroom teachers or others who are using Bridges in Mathematics 2nd edition to work with students who are gifted/talented or highly capable in mathematics. Instructional coaches or gifted/talented specialists who have the opportunity to work with these students directly would also find the course beneficial. If you are not using Bridges with students, you may find it difficult to complete some of the activities in this course.


How much time do I need to successfully complete this course?
During each session, you will read from two required books (see syllabus for details), post/read/respond in the forums, and complete some on-the-job assignments. For example, during the course you will need to:

  • Showcase and discuss your students’ work from implementing Challenge suggestions in a current Bridges Unit of Study, Work Places, and Number Corner.
  • Develop and use open questions to assess and advance student thinking and share results of these experiences.
  • Analyze and differentiate Bridges assessments, highlighting students’ opportunities to demonstrate innovation and creativity.

If these kinds of activities are not possible in the context of your current job, you may want to reconsider the class.


How familiar should I be with Bridges before registering for this course?
By registering for this course, we assume you have access to Bridges 2nd Edition and are using it in a classroom with students. We recommend taking this course after completing a Bridges in Mathematics: Getting Started Workshop. This course focuses on how teachers can refine and differentiate implementation to provide depth and challenge for highly capable students, not on the basics of managing a Bridges classroom.