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Bridges Grade 5 Student Kit (5-pack)

  • SKU:  2B5SK5
  • $125.00
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Available while supplies last.

Bridges Student Kits are individually boxed and provide the most essential manipulatives and components in quantities appropriate for one student.

Sold only in 5 packs. Photo shows contents of one kit. Please note that this product is considered consumable.

For purchasing information, please contact mlcinfo@mathlearningcenter.org

Each Student Kit contains:

  • Base ten linear pieces (cardstock), 1 set
  • Numbered dice collection, 1 set of 6
  • Omnifix Cubes, qty 65
  • Game markers, qty 20
  • Money value pieces (cardstock), 1 set
  • Measuring tape
  • Base ten area pieces (cardstock), 3 sets
  • 180 degree protractor
  • Number cards, 1 deck
  • Clear ruler
  • Clear spinner overlay
  • Colored tiles (cardstock), qty 320

Master Materials List for Bridges Grade 5 View or Copy to your Google Drive