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Bridges Intervention Set 1 Teachers Guides

  • Grade Level: K-2
  • $250.00
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The four Teachers Guide volumes comprising Bridges Intervention Set 1 address critical numeracy and computation skills at levels generally associated with kindergarten through second grade. The following volumes are included in Set 1:

  • Volume 1 — Number: Counting & Early Place Value
  • Volume 2 — Operations: Basic Addition & Subtraction
  • Volume 3 — Base Ten Operations: Addition & Subtraction with Multi-Digit Numbers
  • Volume 4 — Addition & Subtraction Problem Situations

Learn more about Bridges Intervention and view samples.

To better reflect our instructional philosophy and to align with research about intervention practices, a revised version of Bridges Intervention was released in May 2022. 

Educators using the original version of Bridges Intervention may upgrade to the revised edition by purchasing new Teachers Guides at a 20% discount until June 30, 2023. Discount will be applied after the purchase is complete. Orders of the revised edition will begin shipping in mid-July. If your district must receive the kits before July due to fiscal year budgeting, we have a limited quantity of the original Bridges Intervention kits. For questions or quotes, please contact your regional team.

Note that this product is only the Teachers Guides and does not include the additional materials in a Bridges Intervention kit