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Tiles, number racks, odd and even pieces.

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Demonstration Number Rack

Teachers tool to demonstrate addition and subtraction up to 20. Wood frame 82 cm long with 20 large wood beads 3 cm in diameter and built-in white board 35 x 14 cm.

For more resources including how to build your own student Number Racks for classroom use click here.

Please see Safety Warning 2.


Student Number Rack Kit

The Number Rack, also known as a Rekenrek or Math Rack, is a manipulative used for elementary math.

This Student Number Rack Kit includes all the materials required to build ten student number racks—10 matte boards, 20 pipe cleaners, and 100 beads of each color. Assembly instructions included.

Please see Safety Warning 8.


Plastic Colored Tiles

These brightly colored, 1 inch tiles help student visualize many mathematical ideas, such as patterning, measurement, counting, and multiplication. Made of 0.5 cm thick plastic; 100 each red, blue, green, and yellow. Includes 400 tiles.

Please see Safety Warning 1.


Double Six Dominoes

Nine sets of 28 dominoes each. Nine colors. Colors may vary.

Please see Safety Warning 1.


Double Nine Dominoes

Three sets of different colors. Each set includes 55 dominos for a total of 165. Colors may vary.

Please see Safety Warning 1.


Foam Magnetic Tile, 1 inch

1 inch red, blue, green, and yellow squares. Soft, high density, 2 mm foam with magnetic backing. 15 of each color; 60 pieces in total. Actual product may vary slightly from picture above. Latex free.

Please see Safety Warning 5.


Student Bead String Kit

Kit includes all the materials needed to build ten student bead strings—100 white beads, 100 red beads, 10 black pipe cleaners. Assembly instructions included.

Please see Safety Warning 8.