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Bridges Pre-K Package

Bridges Pre-K is playful and play-based, designed to engage children through the use of contextual themes, games, stories, mysteries and intriguing problems, manipulatives and visual models. It is also logically sequenced around well-researched developmental progressions to allow for depth and focus as children progress in knowledge and skills.

Bridges Pre-K provides instruction across the recommended math content areas, including number, operations, geometry, patterning, measurement, and data analysis.

Rather than addressing one or two content areas per unit, as is common in the elementary grades, Bridges Pre-K offers young learners opportunities each month to:

  • Count, sort, and pattern
  • Compare objects and attributes such as size, length, weight, and capacity
  • Compose and decompose numbers and shapes

The instruction is carefully sequenced along researched-based learning progressions, increasing incrementally and gradually in challenge level through the year. There are nine units of instruction corresponding to the nine months of the school year. Each unit is divided into four modules, with five sessions per module, for a total of 180 possible sessions. Unit introductions include suggestions for ways teachers can adapt the content to fit their calendars and their classroom needs.

Each classroom package supports up to 20 students.


Bridges Pre-K Student Kit (5-pack)

Available while supplies last.

Bridges Student Kits are individually boxed and provide the most essential manipulatives and components in quantities appropriate for one student.

Sold only in 5 packs. Photo shows contents of one kit. Please note that this product is considered consumable.

For purchasing information, please contact mlcinfo@mathlearningcenter.org


Bridges Pre-K Completer Kit

When combined with the materials from a Bridges Pre-K package, Completer Kits provide enough additional quantities of selected items to enable educators to create the equivalent of 20 individual Student Kits.

Note that these materials support most, but not all, lessons and for certain items, some of the resulting Student Kits will have cardstock instead of plastic materials.


Bridges Pre-K Required Not Included (RNI) Boxed Set

Required Not Included items are common classroom manipiulatives that do not come in a standard Bridges grade level kit. Kit supports 20 students and includes:

The Pre-K RNI Kit includes:

  • 3 sets of Plastic Pattern Blocks (qty 250),
  • 1 set of Unifix Cubes (qty 1000)




Pre-K Story Collections

The Pre-K Story Collections are included in each Bridges Pre-K Package.

This collection of stories contains nine beautifully illustrated read-aloud books, each presenting 2–4 mathematically rich stories. The selections feature theme-based counting and numeral recognition, sequencing, shapes and locations, and very early addition and subtraction. Although designed to complement Bridges Pre-K activities, the stories can be enjoyed by all young mathematicians.

The following books are included in this collection:

  • All About Apples: Two Apple Counting Stories
  • How Does a Pumpkin Grow? & Autumn Counting Rhymes
  • All About Shapes
  • All About Snowflakes
  • Little Mouse's Winter Mysteries & Other Counting Tales
  • Teddy Bears Count & Play
  • BB’s Bot Shop: Stories with Numbers & Shapes
  • Ladybug & Butterfly Counting Stories
  • Count & Play with Ducks & Baths

Bridges Pre-K Components (Spanish)

Contains Spanish versions of the game boards, card decks, spinners, etc. that require translation. Does not include those components without text or those displaying only numbers. Intended only for use with a full Bridges Pre-K Package. Teachers guides are not included.

Download the full materials list.


Bridges Pre-K Divider Tabs

Replacement divider tabs for use with Bridges in Mathematics 2nd Edition Pre-K Teachers Guides.