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We welcome questions

We're available by phone from 8:30 am–4:00 pm weekdays Pacific Time. If you don't reach us directly we invite you to leave a message or send us an email. We'll do our best to respond promptly.



Customer Support

Send your questions regarding orders, including estimates/quotes, product availability, shipping, and invoicing to the customer service representative for your region (see below) or to MLCinfo@mathlearningcenter.org.


Region 1

Lisa Hardwick


Region 2

Sara Pike


Region 3

Tonja Martin


Region 4

Joey Ransom


  Customer Service Map

Accounting & Business Services

Accounting Manager

Steve Horton


Director of Business Services

Gayle House



Implementation Support

For answers to your questions about using Bridges in Mathematics or other MLC programs , email our curriculum specialists at mlcsupport@mathlearningcenter.org.


Workshops & Consulting

Send your inquiries related to workshops and other professional development opportunities to 


Support for Families

Your best source to answer questions and get assistance is your student's teacher. For additional suggestions on how you can participate in your student's learning, please see the Support for Families page on our main website.  


General Information

Mailing Address

The Math Learning Center 
PO Box 12929 
Salem, Oregon 97309-0929

Physical Address

The Math Learning Center 
1850 Oxford Street SE 
Salem, Oregon 97302

Phone and Fax

Toll-Free: 800-575-8130 
Phone: 503-370-8130 
Fax: 503-370-7961