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Bridges Breakout: Number Rack

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  • Grade Level: K-1
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Designed for use with small groups, Bridges Breakout: Number Rack will help your students:

  • Develop a rich sense of numbers and parts of numbers

  • Build intuitive, flexible, and accurate computation strategies

  • Make connections among related facts


Included Materials

  • Bridges Breakout: Number Rack book containing 22 lessons
  • 22 task-cards
  • 10 student number racks
  • Ten-frame and double ten-frame cards
  • 3 spinner overlays 

Additional resources may be found on the Bridges Breakout: Number Rack Teacher Support page. These include:

  • Printable sentence frames
  • Games
  • Links to the MLC Number Rack app 
  • Trends Tool for assessment
  • Additional pedagogy and structural context