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Bridges Intervention Volume 3 Components

  • ISBN: 9781602625877
  • $150.00
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Add additional capacity to Bridges Intervention Set 1 Volume 3 by purchasing extra components (game boards, decks of cards, spinners, etc.). Included are the same components that are specific to Volume 3 of Bridges Intervention, giving your school the ability to use Volume 3 with up to six additional students at a time. See the Components and Manipulatives sections on this page for information on included and not included materials.

Purchases are limited to schools and districts that have purchased, or are purchasing, Bridges Intervention Set 1, and are subject to verification.

Included Components

Card Decks

  • Numeral Cards 0–100
  • Race to Zero Cards
  • Ten & More Unifix Cube Cards
  • Tiny Ten-Frame Cards
  • Make One Hundred Cards
  • Dot Pattern Cards


Display Cards

  • Arrow Cards (Ones, Tens, Hundreds, and One Thousand)
  • How Many to One Hundred?


Work Mats

  • One Hundred Twenty Grid Mats
  • Numbers to Ten Counting Mats
  • Numbers to Twenty Counting Mats



  • Add or Subtract Spinners
  • 4–9 Spinners
  • Tens & Ones Spinners

Required Manipulatives

Below are the manipulatives required for Volume 3 but not included in this package. Download a list of required manipulatives and quantities. 


Additional Required Materials

In addition to the manipulatives listed above, you'll also need standard classroom supplies: pencils, crayons, colored pencils, copy and construction paper, chart paper and markers, sticky notes, index cards, rulers, file folders for students to use as privacy partitions, small containers, tape, glue, scissors, and so on.

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