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Bridges Pre-K Package

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  • ISBN: 9781602625952
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Bridges Pre-K is playful and play-based, designed to engage children through the use of contextual themes, games, stories, mysteries and intriguing problems, manipulatives and visual models. It is also logically sequenced around well-researched developmental progressions to allow for depth and focus as children progress in knowledge and skills.

Bridges Pre-K provides instruction across the recommended math content areas, including number, operations, geometry, patterning, measurement, and data analysis.

Rather than addressing one or two content areas per unit, as is common in the elementary grades, Bridges Pre-K offers young learners opportunities each month to:

  • Count, sort, and pattern
  • Compare objects and attributes such as size, length, weight, and capacity
  • Compose and decompose numbers and shapes

The instruction is carefully sequenced along researched-based learning progressions, increasing incrementally and gradually in challenge level through the year. There are nine units of instruction corresponding to the nine months of the school year. Each unit is divided into four modules, with five sessions per module, for a total of 180 possible sessions. Unit introductions include suggestions for ways teachers can adapt the content to fit their calendars and their classroom needs.

Each classroom package supports up to 20 students.

Included Materials

  • Bridges Teachers Guides, including blacklines for teacher and student materials
  • Bridges Reference Volume
  • Full set of classroom manipulatives
  • Games and activities for Work Places
  • Pre-K Story Collections
  • One license for the Bridges Educator Site

Download a detailed list of the materials included in this classroom package.


Required Materials That Are Not Included

In addition to the materials listed above, you'll also need some essential math manipulatives and supplies. Depending on what your school already has, you may need to purchase additional materials. Download a list of the required materials that are not included.


Free Story Collections

Although each Bridges Pre-K Classroom Packages includes a set of the Pre-K Story Collections, you may also download stories individually as PDF or ePub files.

Go here to view and download these stories.



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